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Ecotrade is a leading processor of spent catalytic converters, and over the last 12 years has built up a huge database of knowledge from which the company has developed a comprehensive catalogue listing more than 15000 scrap catalytic converter prices and pictures and increasing almost daily. In conjunction with this catalogue, which is constantly updated to reflect market prices near or at refiners pricing, we have also developed the most advanced mobile app to identify catalytic converters through their features (codes, pictures, brands, ..) . Thorugh this online catalytic converter pricebook, which comes with over 8,000 color pictures, you can conveniently look up the value of scrap catalytic converters either by car brand or catalytic converter manufacturers. Ecotrade has invested heavily in cutting edge technology that is designed, in conjunction with laboratory analysis, to precisely measure, to an extremely high level of accuracy, the precious metal content in any single catalytic converter. Our custom-designed fully equipped laboratories can quickly and efficiently carry out materials analysis, using a number of methods including X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing. In scrap catalytic converter transactions, the relationship between buyers and sellers is fundamentally unbalanced. Buyers invariably have all the power; thus, for sellers, it means selling their used catalysts can be an unpleasant process. By providing quick and easy scrap cat appraisals that quickly let sellers know whether they’re getting a fair deal or not, Ecotrade Group levels the playing field and improves sellers’ negotiating positions.


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